Diaconate Agenda

Diaconate Meeting Overview

This page was created Early Nov 4, 2021 This morning with love to help us keep moving forward. 

What To Do?

Hello and thank you for coming to this site. Please take the following steps to get an overview of our upcoming Diaconate Meeting. 

  1. Pray and ask God for direction.
  2. Review 30Min TD Jakes Sermon
  3. Consider how it relates to us as a church.
  4. Review 45 Minute Meeting Overview
  5.  Please answer survey

Start Here

  1. Watch & Reflect on “BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES” By TD JAKES

2. Click To Download Agenda READ AGENDA along with the Diaconate Meeting Video.

Meeting Agenda

Overview Of Diaconate Meeting

Click To Download Meeting Agenda Here

Immediate Meeting Feedback

Meeting Overview

Please share your immediate concerns, compliments, or add-ons to the two videos above. Complete the questionnaire below.

Pastoral Review