A Spiritual Journey Into a Closer Relationship with Christ

Enjoy These Additional Resources While On Your Quest

St Mark Lent 2021″WON” 8-page summary for a corporate journey into intimacy with God. Learn about Ash Wed, Lent, and Fasting.

Experiencing keys to effective fasting in 126 pages of testimonies from national spiritual leaders.

A 44-page guide to prayer using the popular A.S.K. format. Discover practical tips to enhance your prayer life and focus your search for God. 

Want simple steps to strengthen your prayer life? Here’s a 3-page article with simple to apply steps that will lead you into prayer that gets results. 

Unplugged Prayer the Powerless Wireless Connection

An interactive prayer journal to provide prayer lessons, a prayer log, and prayer examples that keep you connected.

Real Prayer For Real People Lucretia Mason-Underdue

When you don’t have the words to say, use these written prayers as conversation starters to jump-start your morning prayers. 

Leap Of Faith - 29 Day Challenge By St Mark Christian Ed Ministry

A 29-day devotional book that challenges you to connect your faith with actions. Take this leap of faith!

The Other Side of Midnight Angel E. White

Dr. Angel White provides a 3o day devotional that helps transforms your midnights into beautiful days. Begin your metamorphosis.